My Tour of Anita Goodesign

I had the wonderful opportunity to tour the facilities of Anita Goodesign today with my friend Charla. Oh my goodness yawl, what a well-oiled machine they are.

We were absolutely blown away when we first entered the main building. Butterflies are the cool kids on the block at Anita Goodesign right now…there were beautiful butterflies everywhere. There is artwork all around the office and it’s all for sale! The artwork was phenomenal! I would most certainly proudly display any artwork from Anita Goodesign in my home and day of the week.

We had a chance to speak to owner and creator of Anita Goodesign Steve Wilson whole he was working on a large wall piece. Steve had a screw gun in hand attaching freestanding embroidered butterflies to a texturized red painted background.

I have one word to describe this piece…stunning. After we passed Steve we saw the meeting rooms where all of the educators come together to discuss upcoming projects and new ideas.

Anita Goodesign Tour






Next, was the “stitching room” if you will. This room was filled with embroidery machines galore and they were all stitching projects! Did you know each and every design that Anita Goodesign sells is stitched out a minimum of 3 to 4 times before the design is finalized and released? Ok, moving on to the fabric storage room… We are all artist in our own right… rest easy knowing that we all practice organized chaos.


In closing of the tour of the main office, we had the opportunity to meet a few of the designers who were hard at work on new designs! Oh…it’s going to be a good year for designs! Get ready! I cannot forget the wonderful ladies that stitch all the samples together. When you see quilt samples and wall hangings either at an event or in your local quilt shop, these two ladies most likely stitched them together.

Just when we thought our tour was over, Jordan, our tour guide and Anita Goodesign instructor, asked if we wanted to see the warehouse. The Warehouse? You mean, we are going to get a chance to see where and how you guys ship items all over the country? Oh my goodness. Clean up on aisle four! I am drooling at this point. There were rows and rows and rows of designs and projects and kits and items ready to be shipped to a store near you! Everyone was working together making sure orders were fulfilled in a correct and timely manner. We were given the opportunity to shop the warehouse. Do you think we shopped? Of course we shopped!
We had a chance to sign the Anita Goodesign wall of fame.

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