You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know…

When I first started in the sewing industry, I knew absolutely nothing about sewing. I knew I wanted to learn to sew, but had no true idea what a sewing machine was capable of. I thought sewing machines looked like my grandmothers’ machine that sat in a cabinet in the spare bedroom until someone in the family needed pants hemmed or a shirt altered. Wow! Has my life changed or what?!?
My story begins as I was working in kitchen design at Home Depot in Jackson, TN when an associate made me a business card holder. The card holder had two inside pockets with a button and part of an elastic hair tie for a closer device on the outside. I carried that business card holder in the pocket of my apron with pride. I loved it! I would look at it periodically and wonder how it was made and if I could make one. Then, I did something very life changing, I went to google for answers. As I typed “sewing business card holder” hundreds of results were instantly at my fingertips. It was this very moment I discovered Pinterest. As I browsed through all of the wonderful post I began to realize that many people owned sewing machines and that sewing was still a “thing”. I asked the associate that had made me the business card “where could I learn to sew?” I was referred to a local quilt shop and soon had my first class booked. During my class the owner of the quilt shop asked me if I would like a job. I thought to myself, “I have never thought about working in a quilt shop before.” This should be easy I thought. Well… I was wrong. Ha! The rest of my story is history. I am now sitting in my sewing studio writing a blog post just hoping I can inspire someone. I knew nothing in the beginning. Now, I know a little about a lot.
What I want you to take away from this post is that I knew nothing about sewing in the beginning, therefore, I asked questions. Even if my questions seemed silly to me, I still asked them. I couldn’t help what I didn’t know until I started asking questions. As I travel all across the wonderful USA teaching, I keep one constant. I teach with the mentality that “You don’t know what you don’t know.” You never know what you will discover. Sew and ask away!

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